Bart Sears Biography

Born: Bart Whitman Sears.
Birth Date: 17/12/1963
Birthplace: Ithaca, NY. Moved to Syracuse, NY early on.

Bart Sears has been a professional comic artist since the late 1980's. An attendee of the Kubert School, Bart quickly found early work with companies such as TSR, Quality Comics, Innovation and various small publishers, before landing a job at DC Comics, with several publications eventuating in a long run on the then-new Justice League Europe.
Bart spent several years producing work for almost all of the major companies, including Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant and Dark Horse, before establishing his own production company, Sears Studios, in 1993-94. The comics created under this studio, with the publication name Ominous Press, were the realization of many years of story development and world creation. Three comics and a slew of related merchandise were produced before the company closed due to the fragile state of the comics market at the time.
Bart then went on to produce a large variety of comics for companies such as Valiant, Penthouse Comix and eventually Marvel, where he had long runs on Spider-Woman and Blade.
Bart then moved to Florida to joing CrossGeneration Comics, a fledgling company that was making big waves. Bart worked on two titles, The First and The Path, garnering some of the highest acclaim of his career. He also took on the role of Assistant Art Director and consequently Art Director for the company, before the company closed due to large debts and falling sales.
Bart immediately returned to Marvel, producing a wide variety of art for a number of projects, before moving to DC, then Dark Horse.
In late 2008, Bart was hired as Senior Concept Artist for the computer gaming company Heatwave Interactive. Bart produced a large amount of work for the online game Platinum Life and several other projects.
In 2010, Bart set up Ominous Studios, a company geared toward providing a range of work from visual design, property development (not the kind with houses), web design, graphic media and everything in between.

Bart lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife Michelle, her son Carter and their son Asher.