Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bart Sears Rare Finds #2

Well, I'm on a roll, now. So here's a couple more rare finds for you all.

I'm sure you all remember Bart's run on Eclipso back in 1992. He did the two Eclipso Specials, and the first three issues of the ongoing series that followed. But there were also a few pieces of memorabilia that were released too.

There were two Eclipso posters put out and they look like this.
Bart Sears Eclipso Poster 1 Bart Sears Eclipso Poster 2

The one on the left is made of a heavy duty card stock and the diamond in his hand is one of those prism hologram things that was so popular in the early '90's. I've only rarely seen this poster for sale, and I didn't get my hands on it until Bart gave me it on my second trip to Florida.

This next item is a small poster which I assume was meant for stores to display as a sort of promo piece. I got my copy of this off Bart again, though I have seen it go up for sale every now and then.
Bart Sears Valor & Eclipso poster

Next up is an actual advertisement that ran through the DC line prior to the Eclipso Specials, with art produced specifically for the ad. I've yet to scan the actual advertisement, but here is the black & white version, minus all of the text.
Bart Sears Eclipso advert
Kinda reminds me of Bart's poster for The First, well, no, it doesn't really remind me, it's almost exactly like The First poster, just 10 years older.

Next is the Eclipso card, from the DC Cosmic Cards set of 1993.
Bart Sears Cosmic Card - Eclipso

Sorry about the scan, it's a very dark card. Bart did three cards for this set, all of them bad guys - Eclipso, Starro and Despero.

Another item that was more for the comic shops, is the Eclipso shelf card.
Bart Sears Eclipso Shelf Card

As you may be able to see, the image of Eclipso is taken from the prism poster above, with a bit of cropping involved. Basically, the shelf card sits behind a stack of comics, with Eclipso popping out of the top. Pretty cool, eh? This is another item that is super rare, I don't think I've seen it since I bought it, back in 2000.

Last but not least, is the Who's Who Eclipso pin-up.
Bart Sears Who's Who - Eclipso

This cool image is from Who's Who in the DC Universe #13, from October 1991. 'Tis nice.
So there you have it, the full list of items featuring Bart's rendition of Eclipso. It's a fun portion of Bart's career, I think, where he really could let loose with his style, and be quite dark.

I'll have a look through my collection and see what other full sets I can show.

Until next time...

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