Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Guess what the Postman delivered today? #12

Searsons Greetings to one and all! I hope you all had a wonderfully Searsious Christmas and a Searstastic New Years!
My previous post about some Bart Sears Trading Cards was deliberately put up when it was, becuase I knew that a brand-spanking-new Bart Sears card was on its way to me.
And it arrived on my doorstep this morning.
But the backstory first...
In early December on Facebook, a lovely fellow and fellow Searsian, Nathan Ohlendorf, posted that "For those of you who are interested (and it should be all of you!) the FIRST promo card for FEMFORCE is now available and it is by BART SEARS!!" Needless to say, I contacted Nathan and sent him a SASE and waited for the card to arrive. And here it is, both front and back side-by-side...

And the best thing is, it only cost me a few stamps!
So this is the first Bart Sears trading card to be produced in the better part of half a decade, and you'd have to go even further back to 1997 to find a card that Bart produced the artwork specifically for! So it is a great day, indeed.

And the even better news is that Bart produced the artwork for 2 cards from this 50-card FemForce set, so there is the regular version of this Jet Girl card to get, plus a different one. I'm excited by it, I can tell you!

And it would be wrong of me not to thank Nathan for not only commissioning Bart to do the artwork, not to mention actually producing the card set, but especially for his and the folks at www.sadlittles.com
for generously giving these puppies out free of charge. Splendid folks, them.
So go check out their website, and send your own SASE to avail of this fantastic promotional offer too!

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Jay said...

problem: you say bart sears did magneto repel object overpower card...warren martineck says he did it!