Monday, April 25, 2011

Bart Sears - Film & Television STAR!!!!

Howdy Searsians! Yes, I'm still alive, fear not. I've just been through another rather busy stint of work on other projects, but I'm here now with some more cool Bart Sears goodies. This time, to be a little different, I thought it might be fun to showcase some Bart Sears items that have appeared on both the small & silver screen.
Whenever I'm watching a TV show or movie and a scene comes up that may just have a Bart Sears comic, poster, or whatever in it (usually in a comic shop), I pay very close attention to it.

And this is what I've found so far...

This one is from the first series of Lost. Episode 14 has a scene where the kid, Walt, is reading Hurley's Spanish copy of 'Green Lantern/Flash – Faster Friends.' As you can see, a few of the pages Bart pencilled are shown.

Next up are a few frames from Judd Apatow's first big movie, 'The 40 year-old Virgin,' starring Steve Carell and Catherine Keener, both of whom are shown above with action figure boxes featuring Bart's artwork. Catherine Keener's circled one is the Gambit 10-inch figure, whilst Steve Carell's is the Sabretooth 10-inch figure.

Next up is a scene from the great show, The Big Bang Theory. This framegrab is from Season 2, Episode 20. It shows Penny with Bart's comic, The Scream #3, over her left shoulder.

And lastly, I just found this one this morning. It is from Rainn Wilson's recent film, Super. In the background, middle shelf, is that same The Scream cover from the previous one.

Anyway, that's all I've found to date. Anybody seen Bart Sears stuff anywhere else? Let me know if you have!
I'll be doing another post here soon enough, as I want to catch up on all of the things that Bart has been doing over the last little while. I'll show you what has come out and what to expect in the future too. So I'll see you all soon.

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