Sunday, June 21, 2009

A boy and his Bart Sears toys

It has been a very long time since I've posted here, but that is not to say that I haven't maintained my vigilance in collecting Bart's work. I've bought many comics from Mile High Comics since last I posted, and I'm in the process of ordering 17 more.

But anyway, this post is about Bart Sears action figures (not of the man himself [Mike], but toys he either designed or did packaging art for, or both).

Bart's action figures has been an area that I must confess I have neglected over the years, both in actual buying, and gathering information. But I can happily say that I'm back on the trail. I've fleshed out The Bart Sears Checklist to list every Bart action figure I could find, which stands at a whopping 146 including re-issues and such at the time of writing this.

And I've been buying.

In the last month I've bought 3 different items, bringing my total up to 14. Yep, a long way to go, I know.

The first item I bought was the Sentinel Playset from 1994. I didn't even know of its existence until about 2 months ago, though I've had copies of the artwork for years now.

Bart Sears Sentinel Playset 1Bart Sears Sentinel Playset 2

Next up I got these bad boys. Yes, the condition isn't great, but they were cheap enough. Bart designed the Cyclops figure, and did the Cyclops headshot.

Bart Sears Steel Mutants Juggernaut v CyclopsBart Sears Steel Mutants Juggernaut v Cyclops corner box

And just the other day, I got this guy, Spy Wolverine. Bart designed the figure, did the Wolverine & Omega Red headshots and the packaging art. Cool stuff.

Bart Sears Spy Wolverine Deluxe EditionBart Sears Spy Wolverine Deluxe Edition box art

So there you go... I obviously plan on collecting all of Bart's action figures, but it will take a while. I'd ideally like to get two sets of them, one in mint condition, the other loose. But as it stands, here's what I've got. Most of them are designed by Bart, but the likes of Magneto, Gambit and Mr. Sinister aren't, but have packaging art by Bart.

Bart Sears Action Figures

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