Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Name is Bruce: The mini-comic

If you read this Blog, you already know that the One-Shot comic, 'My Name is Bruce,' based on the Bruce Campbell movie of the same name, came out, after an extensive delay, in the first week of September, 2008.

But did you know that it has been re-released in a mini-comic format?

Yes indeed, the mini-comic in question came with the release of My Name is Bruce in DVD and Blu-Ray format, on February the 10th, this year.

Bart Sears My Name is Bruce DVD

And whilst the actual movie is a bit stinky, despite Bruce Campbell's usual comedic skill, it was always a DVD I was going to own. Unfortuantely, Bart's cover doesn't appear on any of the extras.
Now, be forewarned, I have seen this DVD WITHOUT the comic included, so if you too would like to own it, I suggest picking it up before the DVD with mini-comic included offer is cut.
That will be all...

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